Imagine... an earth with soil that renews itself... Enriched with compost, covered with mulch and alternating crops with nitrogen-fixing beans, never depleting but sustaining and improving beds and fields year after year...

This is the rapport with our environment that we hold dear and actively build. We have relationships with our suppliers and growers that are collegial and friendly. We get excited about the same things – grow local and leave the place better than it was before.

About Us

We have dedicatedly pursued natural living since 1985. As co-founders of OAASA we met and partnered with many of the natural farmers across the land of the PGS Participatory Guarantee System for Organic Agriculture in South Africa. We were among the first to opt out of Genetically Modified Organisms and Irradiated Spices which have not been on our pricelist since the early to mid 90's. We made it a thing.

We all eat – so let it be whole foods, as close to how nature grows it, and the alchemy in the kitchen turns this into delicacies through the juicer, the dehydrator, in the solar cooker or as sprouts on the window sill!

After decades in Johannesburg through our innovative, well loved and popular retail brand Fruits & Roots, we now live on an eco farm trust in the Western Cape where we explore this silent and sacred conversation with the earth.

... and so we continue to bring you the most natural foods we can lay our hands on!

Contact Us

Earth Products JHB - 011 791 6471
Tshabi Mphela (073 950 6044 /

Salmar Agencies (our CPT distributors) - 021 551 2177
Annalien Schoeman (

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